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Let Lipo Freeze2u St Johns help you. We can help you achieve your body and face goals. We are here to support and give you the best non-surgical treatments to boost confidence!

About Lipo Freeze 2 U St Johns?

Dedicated & Professional

Everyone would like to be in shape. Not everyone has the body they want. Yet. People who struggle to maintain a healthy weight or those who are trying to get rid of fat loss. Speak to our team today we understand the pressure of weight loss and can tailor make a plan for you.


One of UK Industry Leaders

We are the Fat Freezing , EMSCULPT Body Sculpting, Weight loss and Non Surgical Facelift experts St Johns dedicated to meeting your desired results. No matter, either you want to lose your stubborn fat or start your weight loss program, or turn back the hand of time.

short treatment time

Just 30 Minute Sessions

We can see multiple areas of the face or target one specify area! Our most popular areas are the Chin, Jawline and Forehead.

Treatments are short normally no longer than 30 minutes and with no downtime it means you can go straight back to work!


Tailormade Treatments

Here at Lipo Freeze 2 U we understand that each clients needs are totally different.

Therefore, we make treatment plans just for you. Offering a wide range of treatments and promotions we are able to create a lasting and cost effective plans.

Why We are The Best Choice

How We Work:

What to expect From Lipo Freeze 2 u?
Friendly & Professional:

Our team or consultants and staff have been in this industry for over 10 years. We have seen an experienced the advances in non surgical treatments. Our goal is for you, our client to feel happy, heard and confident.

We pride ourselves on using down to earth language – never any jargon and keep you abreast of all new developments in our field.

Following a proper diet and doing regular workouts St Johns can contribute something to your weight loss, and skin condition! It’s difficult to find the time and will-power to commit to a proper diet and workout session.

You can address many weight loss packages to choose the one that can meet your weight loss requirements. Our weight loss packages will vary according to the cost and services included in the package.

You can expect the best results from our company. All you need to do is to visit us and choose the best treatments for you!

We also have highly trained professionals in Hifu non surgical face lift!

Hifu is a great non-surgical face lift. No need anaesthesia or any surgery is needed for this treatment! Hifu non surgical face lift is a very safe effective way of reducing fine lines, and giving the skin a smooth, glow look!

Our Hifu team can target any area of the face, neck, chin and jawline! Hifu non surgical face lift are very effective and safe.

Maybe you don’t want to opt for a full face, maybe you want to minimise fine lines and wrinkles – check out our results pages here – or speak to a consultant today.

EMSCULPT Body Sculpting is a revolutionary new treatment that was first used by doctors and physio therapists to treat patients after injury.

EMSCULPT Body Sculpting is save, non invasive treatments melts away stubborn fat whilst also building muscle mass!

Team our EMSCULPT Body Sculpting with your hard work at the gym to see the results here that you deserve!

Do you want to sculpt your body by attacking stubborn areas or fat, build muscle or kick start your weight loss Lipo Freeze2u St Johns will assist you to get the body you want.

Our expert team St Johns can work on the fatty areas like abdomen, chest, back area, thighs, love handles and more. Check out our patients Results here.

No matter your figure and the excess fat you carry, our cryolipolysis technique will freeze and remove the excess fat within A FEW WEEKS.

This type of treatment provides the elimination of hyper-pigmentation, cherry angiomas, milia, verruca’s, warts, and skin tags. These all are the various types of skin lesions that could be seen on the body or face.

The suppleness of your vaginal canal can be brought about by a variety of causes. Known issues that can contribute to this will include:

  • Cigarette smoking

  • Surgery

  • Aging

  • Childbirth

  • Obesity

  • Undergoing a Hysterectomy

A large percentage of the aforementioned activities are those affecting the skin tone. The good thing with this type of HIFU vaginal tightening treatment is that it’s not intrusive in any way. It’s aesthetic in nature for vaginal tightening and relies on the use of HIFU vaginal tightening to assist in bolstering the state of your vaginal canal.

Speak to our team today about Femiwand – HIFU vaginal tightening. 

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